Recognition of
Prior Learning

“Gain the nationally recognised qualifications you WANT,
and not just the ones you NEED”

RPL application process

What is RPL?

The RPL application process requires you to provide evidence of, or demonstrate, your current ability to perform the requirements of a subject(s) within your course.

If you can show that you have the required skills or knowledge then you will be granted RPL. Exemption from completing the work required for the subject(s) will be based on the skills and experience you have picked up from:

  • previous learning
  • work or industry experience (paid or unpaid)
  • volunteering
  • partially completed studies

Your experience is matched to current industry qualifications so you can gain credit towards or even recognition for a full qualification.

What does this mean for you?

Getting a qualification is a fantastic resume booster. You'll be able to step up for that pay rise or promotion and take your career in a new direction with the confidence that your skills and expertise are in line with current industry benchmarks.

Recognition of Prior Learning can also:

  • save you money and study time by avoiding duplication of training
  • ensure you only study what you need to meet the requirements of a job role or qualification
  • fast-track your way to a formal qualification
  • up skill you for a career change
  • improve job security
  • help you move from volunteer work to paid employment
  • provide options for credit towards a university degree

Types of RPL

RPL Assessment

This requires an assessor to complete a thorough evaluation of the student’s skills and work history to ensure the student is competent.

Test only.

A student will complete a test to demonstrate skills/qualifications necessary to be recognised for RPL.

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